6 Touristic Places in Tijuana, Baja That Will Take Your Breath Away

Tijuana is more than just another border crossing. Here culture, art and tradition merge to form one of the most peculiar destinations in Mexico. Its corridors full of art, its exquisite cuisine and its stunning beaches will surprise you, because you would never have imagined finding so much charm, tradition and diversity in one place that will impel you to know the best of the state of Baja California. Prepare to be amazed because we tell you all about the best 6 tourist places in Tijuana.

1. Playas de Tijuana

Playas de TijuanaThis area is the most popular in Tijuana, because it has become a meeting point for surfers around the world thanks to the strong waves that allow a better glide for the longboard and board. Here you will also find the beautiful Malecón that houses restaurants, shops and all kinds of entertainment that only comes alive at nightfall. Your plan can begin by sharing with friends a craft beer accompanied by delicious shrimp tacos, ending with a walk to the iconic lighthouse located a few steps from the border between Mexico and the United States. Here you will have the perfect sunset photo.

2. Tecate, Pueblo Mágico

TecateTo recharge energy, the Magic Town of Tecate is the right place. Full of forests and mountains with Mediterranean climate, this place has become popular thanks to its various spas and ranches that offer accommodation and relaxation, to later get in touch with nature because hiking and cycling have become common sports to practice here . There is also the famous Wine Route, where you will visit famous vineyards and taste and know everything about winemaking in the Valley of Tanamá and in the Valley of Las Palmas. Take a walk around the Vallecito, an archaeological zone with cave paintings and then, close the day enjoying the local pleasures, indulging yourself with a frothy beer or savoring a delicious handmade bread.


3. La Rumorosa

La rumorosa


If you want to feel the wind while driving your motorcycle, you should definitely go to La Rumorosa, with exquisite curves and viewpoints along the route between Tecate and Mexicali that attract any lover of photography.

If you visit it during the winter, you will find a true mystical landscape. First because of the snow that covers the set of rocky hills and the archaeological zone full of cave paintings; then for its wind farm and the emblematic Alaska Field, which has served as a barracks, asylum and now as a museum in the region. If you are a fan of winter landscapes do not miss out on visiting one of the magical and few places where it snows in Mexico.

4. Centro Cultural Tijuana



The best kept secret of Tijuana is the cultural world it houses. Proof of this is the Tijuana Cultural Center, a place where you will find exhibitions, artistic works and dynamic activities that will keep you busy all day. Here highlights its round construction where the film is located, earning the nickname of ‘Cine Ball’.

You can also explore ‘The Cube’, a place with three terraces of international artists exhibitions, or see some projection in the impressive IMAX Dome. Although if you want a quiet walk, we recommend you take a walk around the Botanical Garden, with more than 150 species.


4. Rosarito

Rosarito, Baja California

Some of the most famous beaches in the country are located a few minutes south of Tijuana, we talk about Rosarito beaches, where thousands of young people come to enjoy its fine sand and warm waters every summer; However, this is not the only attraction, because if you have a sports spirit, this beach is ideal for sailing and volleyball, while for surfers, the ideal place to ride the waves is from Punta Descanso to Punta Mezquite To enjoy the delicious fruits of the sea, we recommend you to visit the town of Popotla, where on the shore of the coasts you can enjoy delicious dishes such as the Martian crab, a species that you will only find there.

5. Avenida Revolución

Avenida Revolución


If you are looking for fun and entertainment, there is no better place than Avenida Revolución, or ‘La Revu’ known by locals. At its best, this avenue worked as a main transport route, and now, here you can find incredible crafts or the best restaurants to savor a good meal, not to mention the boutiques to get the perfect outift.

Here party never ends because behind the vintage facades, live the best bars and nightclubs, where fun is at its peak. Remember that Tijuana is one of the best tourist places in Mexico to put together the party.


6. La Mona de Tijuana

One of the most kitsch monuments you can find in Tijuana is that of ‘La Mona’, nicknamed by the locals because it does not have an official name. This sculpture is over 17 meters high and weighing more than 15 tons can be seen from the airport and was shaped by the architect Armando Muñoz García who wanted to celebrate the centenary of the city. With the passage of time it has become a piece of urban art with different modifications, so you can be sure that you will not always see it the same. Have your camera ready and take a picture in this peculiar monument that pays tribute to this peculiar city.



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