THE Rosarito & Baja California landmark, the Rosarito Beach Hotel is growing into the top product: condo hotel

Red-hot opportunity in Baja’s first branded condo-hotel. Here’s an opportunity that’s set to be a smash hit. The Rosarito Beach Hotel is the first truly condo-hotel in northern Mexico. Construction is set to begin Labor Day 2006, in the highly demandable Rosarito Beach center, in the pristine Rosarito Beach Hotel grounds, the condo-hotel is set to open Spring 2008 and all of its Hotel and amazing Suites will be sold to individual buyers. The number of suites is limited so join the List now to get in on the ground floor.

Here’s just a sampling of the amazing Owner privileges:

The suites will serve as your stylish Rosarito center.
When you’re away, the VIP Owner Concierge will take care of all the details.
You may place your suite into a rental arrangement, and enjoy the benefits!
You’ll receive VIP access to all the hotel’s amenities and services, with special discounts, and access to owner’s indoor swimming pool.

The Rosarito Beach Hotel is northern Mexico’s first branded condo-hotel, and it’s ideal for those who regularly visit Rosarito for rest and escapes, but are looking to avoid the hassles and headaches associated with traditional second home ownership. Join the List to get top billing and additional information on this exclusive opportunity today1

Asking Price: $175,000 – $250,000 USD for 1 bed/ 1 bath,

$270,000 – $350,000 for 2 bed/ 2bath!

Up to $560,000 for the Spectacular… dramatic… amazing penthouses!



  • Completely Furnished
  • Marble and granite throughout
  • Two Plasma TVs per unit
  • Top of the line appliances
  • Laundry Room
  • Outdoor pool
  • Private in-door swimming pool
  • Full Gym
  • European SPA
  • Room Service
  • Concierge
  • Balcony & Terrace
  • Patio
  • Cable TV
  • Wireless Internet
  • Oceanfront
  • LONG, SANDY Beach
  • No HOA fees
  • Full Ownership through a Corporation is available (ask for details!)

And much, much more!





We update them regularly

Let us know if you would like to join us at our Saturdays Buyer’s Seminars. 9:30 am every week, and receive a special discount for overnights, at the Rosarito Beach Hotel daily rates

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more information, please click on the “CONTACT US” icon, fill our “tiny” form, and you will be contacted shortly by one of my very top agents from right here, our Rosarito Beach Real Estate and RE/MAX office, to help you and assist you in finding the best property and investment for you!

And please remember that it will not cost you anymore to use a qualified Realtor; on the contrary, you will probably save some money, using our negotiating skills, as well as save you lots of time and aggravation!!! I guarantee it!

Re/Max Baja Realty, Rosarito Beach Real Estate will tell you everything you need to know about living in Mexico, Bank Trusts, Fideicomisos, Corporations (new ways of owning property in Mexico), TITLE INSURANCE, available properties, real estate agents, and lots more. Contact us, it’s free!




Welcome to the future! A concept that is winning friends around the world is soon to arrive here in Rosarito. Just south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel you will see rise from the ashes of the old like the legendary Phoenix a new modern building that answers to a growing demand of those who want to have a secure investment in the surging growth of Playas de Rosarito but can only spend a few days of each year at their resort home.

Condo-Hotels are being built around the world, in Las Vegas, in Miami, in Singapore, in Cebu (Philippines) and now in our own resort town of Rosarito. The answer to those who exclaim “yes, I would like a vacation home here in Baja but I only need it a few weeks every year”. Not a time-share but full ownership, the concept of the Condo – Hotel is the ideal solution to those who want a profitable investment that will increase in value, have full title to the property, and will give excellent return on investment.

Most second vacation home owners actually do not use their second home on a frequent basis and are faced with either leaving the place vacant most of the year or putting it out to rent with the hope that it is still will be standing when they return.

How does it work? What is a “Condo-Hotel”?

Condo-Hotels are built with complete hotel facilities. The units are sold completely furnished including those new LCD flat TV’s, granite countertops and stove, microwave, refrigerators in the kitchens, double sinks and granite countertops in the baths with showers and tubs. Balconies that look out over the Pacific Ocean.

The Hotel manages the condo for the owner and the rent from the unit is divided between the owner and the hotel. As the owner you can use the condo whenever you wish with a maximum usage of 8 weeks per year under the normal payment plan. The rest of the time the hotel rents out the condo and you as owner get 50% of the rental. 5% is deducted for maintenance and fixture/furniture replacement when required. Your property is secure, well taken care of and produces income while you are up North fighting the afternoon traffic.

Is this popular? Well, there are 15 projects going up in Las Vegas, 42 in Florida and less than 10 in all of Mexico. We are going to have one of the first and we believe one of best of all Mexico right here at home in Rosarito. While actual return on investment will depend upon the average rent per room, occupancy the typical return is over 5% plus the appreciation of the unit. And we all know that property values are increasing here.

The Rosarito Beach Condo-Hotel will be a 16 story Mission Style building, with a 3 story garage with parking for 264 cars. There will be 175 units of 750 sq ft and 40 of 1050 sq ft plus 12 two floor Penthouses each with 1600 sq ft. In the common areas there will be an outside swimming pool and Jacuzzi, fully equipped gym, bar with pool tables, video game room and a museum room. On the top floor there will be the only indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi in Northern Baja plus a great executive office area. There will be one bedroom units and two bedroom units plus Penthouses. The Penthouses will have three bedrooms, one on the first floor and two on the upper, Construction begins this next Labor Day with owner move in scheduled for March of 2008

There will be access to all the Hotel services which include 3 restaurants and 6 bars plus a snack bar, room service, Casa Playa SPA, in room internet plus wireless broadband, cable TV, telephone (1 hotel + 1 personal), concierge service, and discounts given to the owners at hotel services.

This will be worry free ownership as the hotel will manage and rent your condo and under normal circumstances the rent will return your investment within ten years.
The hotel will administer all reservations, setting of rates, customer billing, provide umbrella building insurance, take care of payments to the owners, deducting and reporting taxes, maintenance of the common areas and maintenance of the units.

The owner, his friends and family can use the condo when they wish, weekends, weeks or the full sixty day period during the year. You will be able to choose when you want to enjoy a vacation in Baja and not worry about renting and taking care of the place while you are gone. Prices are low for the area starting at only US$175,000 for a single bedroom unit, US$262,000 for a two bedroom and just a tad more for one of those 3 bedroom double floor Penthouses!

And there are some other benefits that I or one my co-agents here at RE/MAX BAJA REALTY would be happy to discuss with you. As the exclusive sales office for the Rosarito Beach Condo-Hotel project we invite you to stop by our offices located at the entrance to the Hotel right next to the archway so that we can welcome you to a great new opportunity to live and prosper here in Rosarito Beach.

You too can sit back, watch the sunset and sip on that margarita and not worry – it all comes together at the New Rosarito Condo-Hotel!!

Gustavo Torres
Property Consultant at RE/MAX BAJA REALTY


Seis años de grandes logros!!


como un hecho sin precedente, se identificaron las vocaciones turísticas del estado y sus principales 7 destinos.


Se Creó una marca turística 







Reconoce su competitividad turística y lo eleva a la tendencia mundial de promoción.

el vídeo promocional de BAJA NORTE, LA CONQUISTA DE TU VIDA, único en latinoamericana galardonado por el terres festival, en tortosa, España.

presentaciones de destino en las principales ciudades de México y el extranjero.

  • Incremento de 132% en la recaudacion de ISH (Impuestos sobre hospedaje)
  • Ahorro del 83.39% en gastos administrativos en comparación con 2014
  • 6to estado del país en regular recaudado de empresas de hospedaje a través de plataformas digitales (AirBnB)

La ruta del Vino






La ruta del vino fue reconocida como “LA MEJOR RUTA TURÍSTICA DE MÉXICO” durante de tianguis Turístico 2019 con mas de 900 mil visitantes anuales.








Se invirtieron más de $428 MDP en el mejoramiento y equipamiento de zonas Turísticas como:

  • Parque Benito Juarez Tecate
  • Gestión para sellado y pavimentación de la Carretera Transpeninsular (en conjunto con la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y transporte)
  • Parque Público de Playas de Tijuana
  • Mejoramiento de “Zona de Rosarito”
  • Infraestructura y equipamiento del Aeropuerto Internacional de San Felipe

    El Aeropuerto internacional de Mexicali, (2018) el de mayor crecimiento en México:

  • 13 nuevas rutas 
  • Incremento de 123% en el arribo de pasajeros, 2018: más de 1 millón

El aeropuerto Internacional de Tijuana segundo mejor conectado con 7.9 millones de pasajeros en 2018

  • El puerto de cruceros de Ensenada ocupa el primer lugar en el Pacífico
  • 650 mil cruceristas
  • Derrama economica de $26 MDP











  • Se captó una inversión privada de $17,526 MDP
  • Más del 32% invertido por la iniciativa privada en 38 nuevos hoteles
  • Se entregaron 127 apoyos para MiPyME Turisticas de $17.78 MDP



No mas lineas para entrar a EE. UU. el primer transporte de ida y vuela







SDTJ el primer que ha logrado tener éxito en este 2019





  • Más de 350 mil visitantes atendidos
  • Línea de Asistencia 078
  • Oficinas, módulos y centros de información
  • Apertura de 4 nuevos centros de información turística
  • 2 en Playas de Rosarito
  • 1 en Valle de Guadalupe
  • 1 en “Ped East” en Tijuana
  • Más de 19 mil servidores turisticos capacitados
  • Preparamos y acreditamos a 77 nuevos guías de turista









  • Primer y único estado de México con Política Pública para el Impulso al Turismo de Salud y Bienestar 
  • Creación de la plataforma de promoción responsable: Baja Healt Tourism
  • Gestión de inversión privada de más de $460 MDD en proyectos de salud y bienestar en el estado.







  • Señalización de 6 senderos en Baja California para la seguridad del visitante
  • Por primera vez se coordinó la acreditación de Guías Excursionistas por la norma federal






  • Apoyo a 462 producciones fílmicas
  • 8 mil empleos
  • 198 mil cuartos noche
  • Derrama económica de más de $70 MDD





  • Baja California Center
  • 407 eventos con 1`442,949 asistentes
  • Derrama económica de $1,198 MDP
  • Único autosuficiente!



PIB TURÍSTICO $33,010 MDP 17.30%
EMPLEOS 169,540 21.58%

Millones de Dólares a comparación del año 2013, información parcial y estimada.


  • Crecimiento de 13.4 pp* (puntos porcentuales)
  • Durante el año 2018 4´082,663 cuartos ocupados


2013 2019
39.81% 53.17%

2019 Más de 27.6 Millones de viajeron (20% más que en 2013), Consumo turistico de mas de $120,676 MDP (27% más que en 2013)


Todas las acciones se realizaron con procesos de planiación participativa, en base a estudios como el “Perfil del Visitante de Baja California 2016”, como el “Estudio de Impacto Económico del Turismo en Baja California”, así como programas de desarrollo turístico, entre otros.

La importancia de trabajar en exclusiva

Cuando uno decide vender su propiedad, puede sentirse tentado a ponerla en venta en varias inmobiliarias al mismo tiempo.

La elección parece obvia: a más inmobiliarias trabajando, mayores serán las posibilidades de venta, ¿o no? En esta nota veremos que en realidad no es tan así. Por el contrario, resulta perjudicial para la venta de una propiedad trabajar de esa manera. Entrevistamos a Lucas Delgado (CUCICBA 6339), corredor matriculado de RE/MAX Buró II en Belgrano.


¿Qué significa “trabajar en exclusiva” una propiedad?

Significa que hay un solo interlocutor entre el propietario y el mercado. La promoción y publicación de esa propiedad queda en cabeza de una sola persona. Sea de la inmobiliaria que sea, esa persona encargada de promocionar su propiedad debe generarle confianza y establecer un vínculo con usted.

¿Y las otras inmobiliarias van a poder acceder a esa propiedad?

Desde luego, otras inmobiliarias pueden traer personas interesadas en la propiedad y ofrecerla de manera interna a sus clientes, pero la promoción y publicación queda en cabeza de una sola inmobiliaria. En RE/MAX no tenemos ningún problema en compartir con otros colegas, ya sea que pertenezcan o no a nuestra red. Creemos que ésta es una clara diferencia en la calidad del servicio que brindamos, con el foco puesto en el servicio y la relación con el cliente más que en la ganancia. Entiendo que a veces es difícil de comprender para el inmobiliario tradicional, porque tanto el compartir como la exclusiva implican abrir la cabeza a otra mentalidad. Pero así se trabaja en el rubro moderno, es muy habitual en otras partes del mundo y aquí en Argentina es la forma en que trabajamos en RE/MAX.

Tenemos una visión más a largo plazo, estratégica. Lo importante es establecer un vínculo con el cliente, enfocándonos en satisfacer sus necesidades. Entonces si termino quedándome con un porcentaje menor de comisión en esa operación, ya no me importa tanto, pasa a ser secundario. Obtengo una menor ganancia hoy, pero si mi cliente queda contento, a largo plazo para mí fue una ganancia por lo que seguramente vendrá. De eso no tengo dudas y lo compruebo a diario.


¿Pero no es mejor que compitan varias inmobiliarias por la misma propiedad? ¿No se multiplican las probabilidades de vender más rápido?

No, porque hoy en día el cliente va a buscar en Internet y ya va a encontrar la misma propiedad publicada en distintos portales al mismo tiempo. Estás a un click de distancia de cualquier propiedad. Esa manera de trabajar con varias inmobiliarias funcionaba cuando no existía Internet: cuantas más inmobiliarias ponían su cartel, mejor. Hoy ya no tiene sentido porque con la tecnología disponible los clientes tienen acceso a conocer las propiedades de forma  inmediata y a través de múltiples portales. No sólo no tiene sentido: es perjudicial porque se deteriora la imagen que uno está comunicando de esa propiedad.

Gran parte de nuestro trabajo también consiste en eso, en cuidar la imagen de la propiedad. No sólo cuidando la calidad de las fotos y de la publicación, también tengamos en cuenta lo siguiente: si un potencial comprador ve que el mismo inmueble está puesto a la venta por varias inmobiliarias, ¿qué va a pensar? Lo va a percibir más como una subasta que como una venta. Es cuestión de empezar a llamar a las distintas inmobiliarias que lo tienen en venta y hacerlas entrar en un jueguito de tira y afloja con el precio, viendo cuál es la que me lo baja más…

En definitiva, en esa “subasta inversa” se termina favoreciendo a un comprador especulador y perjudicando al propietario que quiere vender su propiedad a un buen precio de mercado.

Además al trabajar en exclusiva con una sola persona responsable de la promoción, eso va a generar un vínculo con el cliente, un mayor compromiso. Hay una relación de confianza llevada a otro nivel.


En resumen, podemos decir que los principales beneficios de trabajar en exclusividad son:

  • El cliente recibe un trato personalizado, sin intermediarios.
  • Se cuida la imagen de la propiedad, no se la desprestigia “subastándola” en varias inmobiliarias a la vez. Se protege y favorece al propietario vendedor.
  • Se genera un vínculo de confianza con la inmobiliaria que la lleva a un mayor compromiso en la promoción de esa propiedad.


Guide to Buy a property in Baja, Mexico

Before carrying out the purchase and sale operation, it is important to take into account some factors that will determine the purchase of the desired property, since when engaging in a credit of 10, 15 or 20 years it is necessary to generate a commitment, not only with the seller / owner and / or the financial institution, but also with your own pocket.


The Salary is the first thing you should pay attention to, because it depends on you acquire the property, From the total of your net monthly income (and after corresponding deductions) it is desirable to schedule that 30% of i is destined to the payment of the mortgage. We suggest you not exceed this percentage to avoid bleeding your personal finances and, in addition, divide the money, in this way it will give you opportunity to be flexible whit additional expenses that arise along the way. To give an example: if you earn 20thousand pesos, separate six thousand pesos for mortgage payment and make sure you have a significant savings for the down payment.

Remax baja Realty Salary

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  •  The Down Payment is the amount you will have to pay as a down payment, usually in Mexico, a base of 30% of the total value of the property is established, but it value of the property is established, but it varies depending on the type of mortgage you obtain or of the property is going to be settled in cash. Anyway, it is not bad that you start thinking about this percentage.
  • To get a loan, it is prudent to have a clean credit history with no debts. This, will set the pattern to delimit the percentage of credit that the financial institution will grant. Therefore, we recommend that you consult the credit bureau (free service), which gives visibility of the status of your history in this matter, to find out if it is appropriate to liquidate the past due balances, as well as improve your background.
  • There are some payment you should keep in mind before taking the big step. For this reason, we suggest that 70% of you salary is more than enough, apart from10 to 20 percent for additional ones such as the property, the notarial procedures and any structural or superficial improvement that you wish to do in the selected space.
  • Briefly, we can say that the notarial procedures include the deed (among which are the taxes of the sale of the property), the rights derived from the operation performed and the notarial fees, which are paid 100% by the buyer.


With the aforementioned criteria put on the table: with the amount you are going to allocate from your salary to buy a house or apartment, as well as additional expenses also mentioned and with a credit history without penalty, it is time to take the next step, which It is usually the one with the greatest illusion.


All this process is the result of questioning if one wants a new or used property, be it a house or apartment, or if you prefer to buy it under the pre-sale model.

remax baja realty sale

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  • PRE-SALE: The figure of the pre-sale of Real estate has the advantage that the buyer acquires a previous property or during the construction process and while paying it at a given initial price is prepared to inhabit it at the moment the developer delivers the keys. This means that the price is taken as an opportunity, but we must not forget that it has a pair of Achilles heels: guarantee delivery times and not be able to live immediately.
  • NEW: Buying a new property has the quality that nobody has touched it more than its builders. This brings benefits from the perspective that generally they do not present any damage, but the drawback is that many of these do not come fully equipped with all its components: kitchen, closets, floors, among others. That’s why we suggest you consider every aspect of your decision.
  • USED: This type of housing describes itself. It has the advantage that it is easier to negotiate the price taking into account the state of the property. Damages such as cracks, paint, locks or the last waterproofing are a good reference to counter the conditions of the sale, as they are additional expenses that you will have to do to live in an optimal space
  • If you are one of the people who prefer to have total privacy, you should look for a house, because it has the advantage of not sharing the cost of maintenance, nor the common areas. However, the majority of the horizontal housing stock detracts from the lack of security, which is often found in vertical housing developments, which becomes an additional expense in maintenance when living in the apartment.


Not long ago, The search for property was a weekend theme, where you took the family for a drive and took don the phones that are displayed outside the properties and then dial and get in touch with the owner or Real estate agent.

Remax baja realty Search

  • Using Real estate ports optimizes the time of those interested, proving greater visibility of properties (in terms of volume) in less time. At the moment you enter the portal, check the description well, place where the dimensions of the properties for sale, the distribution (room, bathrooms, living room, garden, etc.), facilities, services and amenities are presented, Pay attention to the photographs of the house or apartment, these have to be of good quality giving a real picture of what you will find when visiting for the first time. During the visit, check that it looks exactly as shown.
  • Direct contact with the owner. The owner does not always have the experience that an agent or Real estatesales consultant has, that is why you will be the o who asks the questions and tries to be very incisive taking into consideration the points that we have already addressed in this property Purchase Guide
  • Deal with an intermediary / Real estate Agent. This type treatment the protagonism of the owner, who gives the responsibility of the sale of property to a Real estate Agent, Broker or intermediary. This usually has preparation in the Real estate business and will take you by the hand throughout the process to be your guide, whether you work independently (have your own brand of Real estateagency) or be part of an agency real estate already recognized in Mexico.
  • Deal with the Real estate Development sales team: When it comes to a new property, it is possible that the Real estate project of you interest has a “showroom” or sales booth whit a person who attends you. This person, whom we will call sales consultant, like the Real estate agent is the one who will give continuity throughout the process, from the first vist, teach the documentation, even in many cases, follow up the credit issue


remax baja realty properties


  • Review of the state of the property. Each time you visit a property option, we suggest you do the following exercises: Open and close keys, closets, doors, etc… make sure they all work without problem. Check that the gas, electricity and water installations are in good condition, without leaks, that turn on all the dampers, that water comes out of the tap and that it serves the lever of the toilet correctly. Take a look at the surrounding streets and the colony on foot, make sure it is the place where you want to live, observe the state of the asphalt, if you have the opportunity to talk with a neighbor to give you their opinion, maybe you know the owner of the property you are visiting. It locates the polices stations, firemen, Nearest medical Center. This will help you have more peace of mind in the long run
  • Property and services: Ask the owner, agent or Real estate consultant to show you the current payment of the property tax and all services such as electricity, water, maintenance (in case of loving in group or condominium.
  • The Structural Safety Report, which guarantees that the property is in optimal conditions to be inhabited. If you do not have this one, you can ask a Director Responsible for Work (DRO) or Structural Security Correspondent (CSE) to do a study. It also requests the plans and the deed to confirm that the property is in the name of the owner and there is no impediment to the operation. Many of the current developments have sustainability certificates, to demonstrate that they are friendly to the environment; It would be pertinent for you to ask about them.
  • Never commit ti deposit or transfer money to someone you have not met in person.
  • Always try to verify the identity of the person you are dealing with and confirm that it is really a Real estate Agent or the owner.
  • Search for properties in reliable Real estate Agencies or trusted websites click here
  • Always insist on inspecting the property for yourself. If the owner or Agent say that it is not possible to do it for some reason or another, or is not available discard the agreement


Do not close, we advise you to make more than one visit so you can compare and go for the best option for your pocket and lifestyle. Compare will always be a good opportunity to analyze the pros and cons of each of the spaces that interest you.

  • Price Comparison of the select colony: One of the easiest ways to compare prices of the selected colony, is to resort to Real estate portals, where you can examine more than 10 properties with similar characteristics and with it, make the final decision. Doing this will save you lot of time and provide you with a wider visibility into the behavior of market prices.
  • You can also take the phone and call numbers of other properties, even if they are not of your interest to know the prices that are being offered in the area of interest. It is also important to make an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of all  properties previously visited, here you are at least steps from making you dream come true
  • Strengths: The things that make more coherence in your search are those that become your strengths; everything that you liked, from the property to the seller’s treatment.
  • Weaknesses: Everything that makes you noise, that does not match your search parameters, which detracts from you evaluation. Consider choosing the owner with the most strengths over weaknesses, if you reach a tie, return to the analysis taking into account aspects that you had not previously addressed.


After choosing the property for sale that fits all your criteria or parameters, proceed to go to any financial institution to apply for a mortgage

  • Mortgage Credit:
    Traditional, This type of loan works under the loan scheme of financial institution, assigning the borrower a certain amount that must be paid in installments during a certain periods of time (10,15,20 years). Its peculiarity is that it is only granted by an institution and nor in conjunction with others.
    Co-financing, Unlike traditional credit, the co-financing scheme works when a financial institution whether it is called private banking or public bodies (infonavit or fovissste) approves a loan, allowing the borrower to leverage another financial resource (credit from another organization). It has the peculiarity that can increase the amount of the loan
    Conjugal, Unlike the aforementioned, the conjugal credit, as the name implies, is ti collect the amount that each of the indiciduals that make up a conjugal partnership raised in its history of Infonavit or Fovissste. The advantage is that they can be combined both the score and the request for a loan in private banking to increase their credit capacity
  • Institutions:
    Infonavit, The Institute of the National Housing Fund (infonavit) For Workers is an institution where the workers sector, the business sector and the government unilaterally contribute. It is a mortgage that aims ti help those who want to buy a home (new or used) as well as those who want to build a home on their own land. In addition, if you later plan to espand, repair or improve the property, it is possible to obtain financing for these purposes. And if it is necessary to pay the mortgage that was obtained from another financial institution, such can be with the Infonavit
    Fovissste, The Housing Fund of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (Fovissste) is an entity that has the objective of granting mortgages to Mexicans who work in a public institution. So, it is very possible that, if you are interested in buying a home and work in a state agency, consider the Fovissste to obtain financing, for this, we inform you,briefly, what are some of the best-known credit modalities that this housing fund confers
    Commercial Bank, Commercial banking is the set of banksthat execute operations of liabilities and assets, such as deposits, loans, as basic investment products. How will you bank evaluate you? Once you have chosen an institution to applyfor a mortgage, you will be studied and qualifield, Your credit history and income will be thoroughly reviewed: one, two, three… as many time as the bank deems necessary. At the Time of evaluation, bank are usually interesed in your debts, unpaid payments of other credits or if you have ever declared bankruptcy or evaded financial responsabilities of any kind.


In the purchase contract it is essential that all points are put on the table without exceptions, both the obligations of the seller and the buyer, the final amount negotiated, as well as the conditions under which the property will be delivered.

Within the contact the following points should be developed punctually:


  • Obligations of the seller to abide by the negotiated price, deliver the property in a timely manner as stipuled in the document, and that the property is free of debits or encumbrances, in addition to being involved in a legal process
  • Obligations of the buyer where he finds that he has the financial capacity to liquidate the total amount of the property and where it is assured that he will be the next owner of the property in question.
  • Final amount after negotation, showing the compliance of both parties.
  • Weel-stipuled devilery dates so that the inconvenience between seller and buyer does nor arise.
  • Delivery of documents from both parties to the notary to carry out the corresponding procedures after concluding the payment of the mortgage.
  • Notarial procedures:
    Official identification of the seller and marriage certificate in case the owner is married and has a co-ownership whit his partner or someone else
    In case the seller is a commercial company, request the identification of the legal representative subscribed in the previous deed
    have the property title or notarial deed registeres in the public register of property with the information of the location and simensions of the property, the name of the owner and the regime under which acquired the property
    Have available the documentation that proves that it is free or service debt, the property tax of the last five years and tax. The letter refers to the mortgages of mortgage loans or problems of seizure of the property
    Official identification / birth certificate of the buyer and his spouse, in case of signing jointly, as well as the marriage certificate of the buyers in question
    If a mortgage was paid, ask the issuing institution to deliver a credit release letter.
  • Payment to the Notary:
    Consider that the expenses of the notary´s fees are paid by whoever buys, but remember that resolving doubts does nor generate any costsince the advice and consultancy is offered free of charge, throughout the country
  • Transfer of Property:
    The transfer of property is an act of a formal nature where a person with property rights over a certain asset transfers these rights to another person. In Other words, as a result of the transfer of property the previous owner of the property ceases to be and now there is another person who has rights over the property